Classic NMR Papers

Here you will find a (non-exhaustive) list of classic NMR papers that helped shape the field into what it is today.

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Relaxation Processes in a System of Two Spins (1955) - I. Solomon

Overhauser Effect in Nonmetals (1955) - A. Abragam

On the Theory of Relaxation Processes (1957) - A. G. Redfield

Spin Temperature (1958) - A. Abragam, W. G. Proctor

Selection of Coherence-transfer Pathways in NMR Pulse Experiments (1984) - G. Bodenhousen, H. Kogler and R. R. Ernst (Nobel Laureate)

Product Operator Formalism for the Description of NMR Pulse Experiments (1984)- O. W. Sorensen, G. W. Eich, M. H. Levitt, G. Bodenhausen, R. R. Ernst (Nobel Laureate)


Influence of a Second Radiofrequency Field on High‐Resolution Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectra (1962) - W. A. Anderson, R. Freeman

Utilization of chirp frequency modulation with 180°-phase modulation for heteronuclear spin decoupling (1979) - V. J. Basus, P. D. Ellis, H. D. W. Hill, J. S. Waugh

Composite Pulse Decoupling (1981) - M. H. Levitt, R. Freeman

Supercycles for Broadband Heteronuclear Decoupling (1982) - M. H. Levitt, R. Freeman, T. Frenkiel

Theory of Broadband Decoupling (1982) - J. S. Waugh

An Improved Sequence for Broadband Decoupling: Waltz-16 (1983) - A. J. Shaka, J. Keeler, T. Frenkiel, R. Freeman

Computer-optimized decoupling scheme for wideband applications and low-level operation (1985) - A. J. Shaka, P. B. Barker, R. Freeman

Theory of Broadband Decoupling in Multispin Systems (1987) - D. Suter, K. V. Schencker, A. Pines

Suppression of Cycling Sidebands Using Bi-level Adiabatic Decoupling (1996) - E. Kupce, R. Freeman, G. Wider, K. Wutrich (Nobel Laureate)


Polarization of Nuclear Spins in Metals (1953) - T. R. Carver, C. P. Slichter

Parahydrogen and synthesis allow dramatically enhanced nuclear alignment (1987) - C. R. Bowers, D. P. Weitekamp

Net NMR alignment by adiabatic transport of parahydrogen addition products to high magnetic field (1988) - M. G. Pravica, D. P. Weitekamp

Reversible Interactions with para-Hydrogen Enhance NMR Sensitivity by Polarization Transfer (2009) - R. W. Adams, J. A. Anguilar, K. D. Atkinson, M. J. Cowley, P. I. P. Elliott, S. B. Duckett, G. G. R. Green, I. G. Khazal, J. Lopez-Serrano, D. C. Williamson