Bruker AVIIIHD 500, CRL 00.086 (Basement)


This is a 2-channel instrument running TopSpin 3. It was upgraded to an AVIII HD console in July 2019. It is equipped with:

  • 16-position SampleExpress Lite robotic sample changer (not pictured)
  • 5 mm z-gradient broadband 1H/19F–X multinuclear (BBFO) SMART probe (default probe).
  • BCU-I temperature regulation unit, with liquid nitrogen heat exchanger or evaporator for low-temperature work.

The BBFO probe allows us to collect both 1H–19F and 1H–X experiments and is used by default.

This instrument is used by the NMR service staff and by trained research chemists.

This instrument is nicknamed the AVB500 although the formal model name is an AVIII HD 500 and should be listed as such in any publication.