Bruker AVIIIHD 400 Nanobay, CRL 30.049 (First Floor)

avf400 web

This is a 2-channel Bruker AVIII400 HD Nanobay instrument running TopSpin 3 equipped with:

  • 5 mm z-gradient multinuclear BBFO probe
  • 60-position robotic sample changer

It operates in ‘open-access’ mode under automation and provides routine 1H- and 13C-based 1D and 2D experiments (1H, 13C, DEPT, COSY, HSQC), as well as 1D 19F and 31P experiments for organic chemistry (see the list of available experiments).

To access the history lists, copy and paste this link into a browser (note departmental login / VPN is required): file://chem.ox.ac.uk/SRF/NMR/AVF400/setup.html

Note: We use the unique nickname "AVF400" for this instrument (AV400 on the First floor), although this is not a recognised Bruker instrument type! ‘AVIII HD 400’ is the actual model name and should be used for all reporting purposes.