Bruker AVIIIHD 500, CRL 00.086 (Basement)


This is a four-channel instrument running TopSpin 3 equipped with:

  • a SampleCase 24 sample robot
  • a 5 mm triple-resonance TBO probe with multinuclear capability. This can provide H/F/X experiment combinations e.g. 13C with simultaneous 1H and 19F decoupling.
  • BCU-II temperature regulation unit for work down to around −40 °C, with liquid nitrogen heat exchanger or evaporator for very low-temperature work.

The instrument supports a diverse range of chemistry projects relating to synthetic chemistry, and is shared between the NMR service and trained users, operating in "hands-on" or fully automated modes.

It was funded as an intrument upgrade by the EPSRC as part of the Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) in Synthesis for Biology and Medicine.

Our nickname for this instrument is the AVX500 although the formal model name is an AVIII HD 500 and should be listed as such in any publication.